Emergency Preparedness. Oct 21st

We wanted to let you know that this week we will be conducting our first emergency drill at Kids Collective.

As part of the drill, students and teachers of Culver City preschool will practice the drop, cover, and hold
procedure. As well as evacuating the classroom and proceeding to the back gate in case of an emergency.

Emergency Kit – What to include:

Please include in a ziplock bag the following items:

  1. A small family picture that includes everyone.
  2. A brief note that is loving, calm and reassuring of your return to them.
  3. A small comfort object i.e a tiny stuffed animal.
  4. Any information about medical concerns or needs.
  5. Any prescription medicine that should be taken, a doctor’s note authorizing it, and very explicit directions for its use and duration of use. Please make sure it has an expiration date until next October.
  6. A warm but lightweight jacket i.e. weather resistant polar fleece.
  7. A change of clothes; sweat pants or leggings are perfect because we can cut them if it is warm weather, but if we are cold at night, it will help.
  8. Closed, protective shoes (not boots) and socks, very important if we have to leave the building. We will exchange the shoes mid-way during the year to allow for growth.

Please assemble your child’s emergency kit by that date.

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