Extracurricular Activities for Preschoolers at Kids Collective

Indoor preschool learning activities

We use natural and nature-inspired materials in our Reggio classroom. Our art station is fully equipped with pastels, paints, brushes, clay and lots of recycled material. Our pretend play area is tastefully designed to create a magical and homey setting. Different manipulatives are also available, including large blocks, puzzles and magnetic tablets.

Our Montessori room is equipped with all the necessary Montessori materials to meet the AMS and AMI standard.

Outdoor Preschool Activities

Our outdoor environment is designed to resemble nature and features natural playscapes, a river rock stream that children can manipulate when caring for our organic garden, a bunny hutch, and a non-toxic sand pit with a fully-functioning water wall down which water trickles for the children’s enjoyment. We have a Hobbits playhouse and an art shed that hosts a variety of “messy fun” such as large clay preschool activities and painting projects. The outdoor area also features a handmade balance bridge and a little rocking boat.

Kids Collective Preschool Extracurricular Activities



Kids Collective incorporates Spanish into our core everyday extracurricular activities for preschoolers. Our teacher’s aid is a native Spanish speaker and speaks to the children in Spanish throughout the day.


The earlier we instill a love for yoga in children the more they will benefit from it and continue to practice it later in life. For this reason, we practice yoga outdoors ones a week, which is one of our favorite preschool learning activities. Yoga at Kids Collective is taught in a very playful way, helping children to become aware of their bodies and learn the importance of breath and how to use it in challenging situations.

Organic Gardening:

Kids Collective instills in its student the importance of healthy eating. These healthy habits begin in our own garden where our children plant seeds, watch plants grow, pick fruits and vegetables and prepare them to eat. In our organic garden our children learn to care for the environment in a very organic way that includes chemical free fertilizing and composting. Our Garden Educator visits once a week where for one hour he educates and maintains the garden in collaboration with our students.


Our curriculum also features weekly cooking classes in which students participate in a range of culinary exercises such as preparing snacks and creating more advanced healthy and organic recipes.


Several musical instruments are available for the children at all times. Guest artists are invited to visit monthly and perform live music and introduce new instruments to students. Teachers are required to incorporate songs, rhythm games and rhymes during daily circle time as part of the creative curriculum for our preschool.

Caring for Pets:

The importance of caring for plants and animals is a very important lesson we foster at Kids Collective, inspiring our students to be compassionate and share a collective, communal responsibility to care for all living things. To this end, our teachers and children care for a rescued bunny housed in our outdoor bunny hutch.