Parents Involvement at Kids Collective

At Kids Collective Preschool we value communication. We strive to create a strong preschool family and community. Parents and the teacher are partners in the children’s education. Parents may share their talents and hobbies, read, sing, cook, or do a special project with the class. Parents are also encouraged to use their time and talents to benefit the school in any other ways (e.g. contribute to newsletter, garden, sew, fundraise, etc.)

Parenting Education Curriculum

Special parenting classes curriculum includes: back to school potluck, parenting education program, Halloween party, graduation in the summer, field trips and classroom volunteer opportunities. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year on the school calendar and parents are informed of these dates the summer preceding their child’s attendance in the program. A written assessment report of each student’s progress will be given to parents in the areas of social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. We welcome comments and suggestions. When areas of concern arise, the problem should be brought to the attention of the teacher who will listen to your suggestion and/or grievance and attempt to work through the problem. A part of parenting education curriculum, parents are strongly encouraged to communicate any suggestions, comments, or concerns any time throughout the year.

Open Door Policy

The door is always open to parents. For new families we welcome parents to stay. Please feel free to drop in and check on your child, however, keep in mind, a child adjusting to a new surrounding will want to leave with you if you pop in for a visit. Also keep in mind that other children may become upset if they see you and not their own parent. IF this happens, please keep your visit brief and respect the other children’s feelings. It is hard to see other parents at school and not your own.