Kids Development: Importance of Supportive Environment in Preschool

Kids Development: Importance of Supportive Environment in Preschool

Providing a supportive learning environment is a prerequisite for fostering sustainable and well-rounded kids’ development at an early age. To fulfil children’s unlimited learning potential, they need places where they feel relaxed, respected and encouraged to develop and acquire new skills. This is a primary aspect at home, in a preschool as well as a community as a whole. It is especially vital to ensure children’s needs in the childcare context are consistent with the care kids are provided at home, so that they feel no conflict in nurturing.

Supportive environments in preschools in Los Angeles, including Kids Collective, are planned and set up to appeal to children of various developmental levels and comply with curriculum’s major goals. In a classroom equipped with necessary facilities and materials, children are encouraged to gain knowledge in thinking through problems, developing concepts and testing their ideas in a relaxed and warm setting.

At Kids Collective, a safe and supportive environment is arranged by taking into account:

Scheduling and planning

  • Encourage different types of indoor and outdoor activities for children that derive from their physical and developmental needs.
  • Arrange activities to foster exploration and discovery, creative thinking and problem solving, skills practicing and so on.
  • Know how to maintain proper management in a classroom, but in a way that kids won’t lose interest in the process and enjoy learning.
  • Plan the day to around a variety of activities, but make sure they are not overwhelming and stressful to kids.


  • Collaborate with children to learn their personalities and characters and be able to establish close, trustworthy relationships with them.
  • Listen to what kids say, get to know their interests and effectively respond to their needs.
  • Encourage kids to take part in cooperative activities and help them work in groups and pairs.
  • Foster friendship and prosocial behavior between and among children.
  • Get involved in children’s activities as researchers and collaborators to guide them in their learning experience.


  • Provide a plenty of opportunities for kids’ development to make them free to choose from materials that appeal to them.
  • Ensure that physical environment provides materials and installations for group play and individual work.
  • Arrange areas, where kids can arrange in various types of play, including an art studio, a room for dramatic play, a cook-room, etc.
  • Locate shelves and containers with educational materials in accessible places and get them labelled, so that children can easily find and take them.

A supportive learning environment is a crucial element of preschool kids’ development, as it:

  • Positively influences all areas of kids’ development – physical, emotional and intellectual.
  • Helps children gain necessary background about the world in which they live in.
  • Encourages them to make personal choices and develop decision-making.
  • Develops compassion and empathy for others in kids.
  • Teaches children to live respectfully with nature.

A specifically crafted supportive environment at Kids Collective, one of the Reggio and Montessori combined preschools in Los Angeles, is a place where kids are respected, valued and supported in their intention to perceive the world and find their place in it.

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