Kids Collective Preschool FAQ

How many children are in the program? And what is the teacher/child ratio?

We have 13 children in our preschool classes. The teacher/child ratio is: 4-5.

What do you use the materials fee for?

We believe that all children deserve the best materials available to express themselves. From our clay pit to a wide variety of artist media, our children explore and discover the materials that speak their language.  Our co-constructed projects require mastery of many materials to fully explore an idea. A project may require pastels or watercolor in the planning stage, wire or blocks to brainstorm, cloth and beads to build components, circuits to test hypothesis, cameras to document.

Why do you require a tour of the school prior to applying?

Our school is truly unique in its mission and passion. The community is stronger when its members share that mission and passion. To create a true high quality experience for our children, we believe that it’s important for teachers and parents to provide consistent, focused messages.

What programs do you offer?

Reggio and Montessori morning program 2, 3 and 5 days/week                                                                 Montessori and Reggio/Spanish immersion afternoon program 2, 3 and 5 days/week                               Summer Camp

How can I get the application form?